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Cleaning, sanitation, and the correct neutralization and softening of fabrics is essential to both resident and guest care, as well as protecting your investment in costly linens. It can also directly affect the reputation of even the best facilities, which is why all BNC laundry technicians are certified by the ALM (Association for Linen Management). Professional laundry services are built on the correct combination of water, agitation, time, chemicals, and heat. We expertly configure every facility we service to guarantee the correct balance, protecting your assets and maximizing your investment.


We have proudly supported the hospitality, health care, and education sectors for over 40 years. We understand the importance of an effective and reliable solution. As such, we incorporate our chemical expertise with only the very best equipment available, offering advanced chemical dose control, as well as on-demand reporting and cost metrics.


We support all of our customers with a long-term vision in mind, providing regularly scheduled maintenance to maximize your business’ uptime. We target zero unplanned downtime events through our proactive service philosophy. If an unplanned event does occur, our service team responds with an emergency service policy unrivaled in the industry.

Contact us or give us a call at 780-468-3455 to discuss your business needs. You’re sure to be impressed!





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Sanitation Solutions

We offer cleaning products, equipment and services throughout Alberta and across Western Canada.

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